Student Interview

Healthy Michigan

If it weren’t for the Healthy Michigan Medicaid expansion, my family would've been destroyed when things went wrong. While studying abroad, my wife and I became pregnant with our second child, followed soon by the Zika virus outbreak of 2016 and we were forced to return home . Luckily, there was a social safety net in place that afforded us healthcare and basic necessities before I was able to get a job. It is easy to draw a parallel to today, where millions of Michiganders are having their lives turned upside down by another virus. I have lived this life of uncertainty before and understand the toll it takes. I will fight for you.

Highspeed Internet and Education

Many parts of Livingston County and Michigan do not have strong enough internet access to stream a movie, video chat with friends or work from home. This deficiency also highlights the broad disparities in education, where every child who could be learning online today, is unable to because we haven’t invested as a State in our infrastructure. If we fail to act quickly, our rural communities will continue to see economic declines.

Fair Taxes

We now are living through another economic collapse, and the response for working people is not proportionate to the value we deliver in the American and Michigan economy. Last year, Michiganders paid 10 times more in taxes than Corporations did, while we only see marginal relief. I believe that every worker should receive every penny they've earned, so for times like today, maybe we all have a little cushion saved up. I believe we need to reduce, even eliminate income taxes in Michigan.

Michigan Cannabis Industry Survey

Michigan Climate Action Network Survey